Matthew Bartholomew (1-23)

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This a quite long series that can keep you engaged for months even but this does not mean that you tend to get bored after entering the world created by Susanna Gregory in which one character stands as a ray of hope for the rest of the world. The series also shares certain historical events and incidents as well. The Plague or the Black Death described in quite a detail and also along with the influence of the Church on the life of the people in those days.

The writer takes us to the period of 1350 where monks, priests and friars live a separate life away from the rest of the world and the worldly desires as well that proves to be the way they survived during the plague. Matthew Bartholomew a physician in the Michael house college is the one around which the whole series revolves, he acts not only as a physician only but he is an investigator also in most cases when he searches for clue for the murder of the Master of the house.

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He is proved as a bold person as well who is ready to question the innocent as well for the revelation of truth that he wants to extract in all circumstances. Matthew inspects skeletons, dead bodies of monks, and of course the plague in particular. The theory of nominalism is discussed as well and its supporters and those who are against it are also mentioned on a large scale.

There is a variation in narration, the two narrators David Thorpe, Andrew Wincott have tackled things well and we do not feel the difference a lot. Mickey Haller [1-6] – Michael Connelly and Yesterday – Felicia Yap is other books you may listen to in your spare hours.










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