Maybe Someday

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Maybe Someday: Maybe (Hoover), Book 1

Sydney the perfect girl of her school faces a downfall in love life, it was not an awful thing but she wasn’t expecting it. Sydney thought that she had everything, including a good job and a handsome boyfriend too. Her best friend Tori was a loyal girl which means that the life was perfect for the twenty two year old college girl.

Hunter, Sydney’s boyfriend cheats her and was not something that happened all of a sudden. She was judging a change in Hunter’s behavior for quite some time now but she wanted to get rid of those thoughts. We see her mentally focusing and trying to tell herself that Hunter cannot be disloyal to her by any means.

When hunter leaves her she thinks that her life has flown out of her hand, she remains standing on the window of her house and then she listens to the guitar. The strange looking next door neighbor might not be the perfect boy for any girl but for Sydney he was the kind of support she was in need of. Ridge too needed company but in more than one ways and Sydney is this time ready to do anything to keep her relation with the boy. Colleen Hoover never presented a girl so down and then in the next half so desperate about a boy.

We can recollect girls from different books like Hopeless and Losing Hope, none of them was like Sydney.  Zachary Webber narrates the male characters and Angela Goethals highlights the females with her voice. The two work as a fine team and never lets their voices intermix during a conversation.

Maybe Someday Maybe Someday

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