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Kitchen specialist Anthony Bourdain writes his second book about the happenings in his cooking life. The first book that he wrote a little while ago on the same topic was Kitchen Confidential. That book became more famous than the other fictional stuff which the author has written over the years.

Fans all over the world wanted something more on food by the author so he writes this one in which he narrates his progress in the food business. During the early days of his professional career, he had no worth in society as he used to move from one cooking place to another. Changing of kitchens was a routine to him and there was no respect and money in the end.

As the days passed the business emerged and this provided people like Anthony a chance to excel more in their profession. Not only this, Anthony got the chance to take a tour of the whole world in which he got the opportunity to taste different dishes associated with different parts of the world. The next half of the book looks more like Bone in the Throat in tone in which the author shifts his attention to the famous chefs.

Anthony does not hint towards anyone rather he directly tells us the names of the chefs who were behind different things that can be termed as illegal in various ways. Book in a nutshell is an amalgam of criticism and personal experiences of the author over the years during his professional career. At moments words become corrosive in the book but then everything quickly cools off with an aroma of a new dish that is presented before us.


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