Memories of Glass

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One novel and then the other about the Jews and their families, that’s what Melanie Dobson has been doing over the past many years and she is succeeding too. All of this is because of the pure material that the author is adding in her novels like Catching the Wind and Chateau of Secrets: A Novel.  We cannot find a parallel to the author in literature who has given so much time to the Hitler’s era and in almost all of her books the one who is taking things in hands is a lady. A single lady always fights against all the odds and she wins after losing certain other things in life.

Eliese Linden wants to save the life of her son and in the process she would also be able to save hundreds of others who are going to be killed very soon. Josie the only one Eliese trusts for the mission is ready to give her life for her childhood friend but there are secrets that can torment that friendship in a single jerk. Mission ends in a big way and the families of these two friends collide in an extraordinary way after a span of seventy-five years.

Ava Drake finally hears about the truths regarding her family and she sees that the history was never like the one she was told. Nancy Peterson never dwindles and her she shows her true talent and no doubt she has been wonderful in the complete series.

The series not only talks about heroic women but it also tells us about the history of Jews and their sufferings in Hitler’s era.

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    Chateau of Secrets: A Novel

    Something She’s Not Telling Us


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