Memories of Tomorrow

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Arguably, nobody better than Dean Koontz could produce such brilliant short stories. He is just a maestro of such fictional stories, which are fast paced and the listener get to know the fate of the story in a short span of time.

Memories of Tomorrow is another short story where Dean Koontz has managed to pull off a grand story in short time. The book is part 6 of the Nameless novel series. Edoardo Ballerini as expected had done the narration of this novel, just like all other novels in this series.

What has the strange science or nature made Nameless who he actually is? What are all those catastrophes that have been removed entirely from his memories? What are this futuristic visions that are plaguing him completely are about to be realized. His personality is not easy to be comprehended.

A murderous maniac or a psycho person has abducted his own step son of 6 years in Indiana. The name of the step son is Jamie. The psycho man secretly moved him into a subterranean cave. The cave became their bunker.

The case for Nameless is breaking down all his defenses and it may as well take him down to face all his not so fond memories of the past. Just as the mysterious past of Nameless chased him back, he didn’t knew that how much really he want to know about it. R he want to know something at all?

In the Heart of Fire and The Praying Mantis Bride are short story novels written by Dean Koontz, which have powerful stories for the audience. Both these novels are from the Nameless novel series written by Dean Koontz.


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