Memory Man

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Amos Decker’s book 1 introduces the character whose life changes twice in the novel and both events are unforgettable for him. First his life changed when he was selected as an athlete, representing his town for the first time. Then the accident happened and he lost his chance forever. Though he never was successful in getting out of this incidents effect but still he busied himself in other affair of life.

Amos became a police officer and married to a woman of his choice, later was blessed with a daughter as well. However for the second time the life of this poor soul changes when he finds his family brutally killed without any reason or enmity. He leaves the city and his job in the police department in order to forget what had happened to him.

Amos Decker becomes a private detective so that he can get a bit peace of mind but as things start becoming easy for him the one who murdered his family comes to the police for the confession of his crime. Decker is called once again to provide the details of the incident and thus the most painful experience of his life begins as he starts telling everything he remembered.

David Baldacci presents in great detail the mental trauma Decker faces, it’s something we don’t find quite often in his works like One Good Deed and Redemption. There are two narrators that are being used in the narration and both Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy make the story alive with the rise and fall in the voice.

Also the coordination between the two is amazing we don’t feel any sort of break at any place.

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