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Merrick is another top class novel by Anne Rice. It is a horror fiction, which is chapter 4 of the popular Lives of the Mayfair Witches novel series. This time, the narration job of this novel is given to Graeme Malcolm, who has done a great job with his stern masculine voice.

Merrick is the unconquerable and a beautiful witch. She is a descendent of the libres cast that comes from the black paramours of white men. The great Witches of Mayfair are her ancestors. But, she has no information about anything related to her ancestors. She also had no idea that from whom she inherited all her magical powers and the knowledge of the Circe.

Next, it comes to the entry of David Talbot, who is an adventurer, storyteller, hero, visitor from some other realm and almost a corporeal vampire. David Talbot is the one who recounts the haunting story of Merrick. It is the story, which take us right from the past New Orleans to the Guatemala jungles. This transfer was made from the ruins of Mayan, which were more than a century old to the ancient history civilization, which is yet to be explored.

The writer, Anne Rice tells a tempting story of two distinct worlds. One is the vampires’ world and the other one is the witches’ world. Both the worlds are full of weird fascinations and the magical powers, which are all tied together into a dance of rebirth, death and seduction.

The Vampire Lestat and The Witching Hour novels are also penned by Anne Rice. With all her legacy and past repute of writing some amazing horror novels, you will not be bored even for a minute, while listening to the narration of these terrific horror novels.






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