Midnight Son

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Midnight Son is a book written by James Dommek Jr. He was supported in the writing process by Josephine Holtzman and Isaac Kestenbaum. The book is a nonfiction and depicts events of a true crime. The author, James Dommek Jr. himself has done the narration of the book, where his both roles were masterfully done.

The book is a well narrated story about Teddy Smith, the native Alaskan actor. His life took a very mysterious turn and became a lot violent. The author/ narrator James Dommek Jr. belongs to Alaska as well, the same part from where Teddy comes from.

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The author worked exhaustively in order to bring to his listeners all the solutions through the investigative talks and the first-hand knowledge about the incident that he had. It is a story of a bone chilling violence of a native tribe in Alaska.

It also has incidents about the cultural clashes happening in the United States court system. The spooky singing right in amidst of episodes takes the listening experience to an altogether different level. In short, this true story is a wild and captivating ride for the listeners.

The author, James Dommek Jr. apart from the author/ narrator of this book is a well-established musician and an audio producer from Alaska. He has played drum with a number of renowned bands in Alaska. He himself is part of the Inupiaq tribe and he is the great grandson of the last of the few story tellers about the Inupiaq tribe. He has over a decade of services in film and audio production. He won Emmy Award in 2013 for one of his documentary, which became very popular.



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