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Mile 81 By Stephen King

The story is similar to many of King’s fictional plays. The pattern is the same as that of the The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories. King at this spot in his work is trying to experiment with his works also which is keeping the interest in his works alive all the time as he keeps the readers guessing what else will they get out of his mysterious pen.

The better thing about the story is that the kid in the story is portrayed in a manner that we feel that he is a real boy not an artificial creation of the writer’s mind. The narration is excellent but again the story is left with an unending answer that is the main technique of King in order to make the story more appealing to the mind and make the listener more involved in the story.

mile 81 by stephen king

The story has similarities to station wagon 6 and also Duma Key. We see the same use of vehicles in the novel and also the appearance of the characters is almost the same. The story shares the feelings of a young boy quite excellently and how he sees the world around him and his quick reactions towards certain things.

The use of the wagon and the Samaritans also makes us remember the previous works of the king and makes us close to them as well or shows us that perhaps it is the continuation of them or another fragment of them. As a whole, the story is well compact and narrated well.



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