Milk Run

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Life can change drastically in a single moment, for some it becomes appealing and for people like Natalya Regyri, it just becomes a living hell. All Natalya wanted was a peaceful life and a prosperous future after completing her studies. She was sure to get all that she desired from life as she was a hard-working student and was close to complete her engineering. A simple office job could have been fine for a start but this is not what she gets from life. Author Nathan Lowell throws Natalya in the pit of troubles in just a single jerk. She came to the high school part at her graduation and towards the end of the party, there was a surprise of a dead body.

All the evidence proved that Natalya was the one behind the murder. Having no option other than running away Natalya just packed her bag and ran away from everything that she once loved. With no job and no future, she selected what fate has chosen for her i.e the way of crime.

She joined the smuggling gang and finally gets a big job but the problem is that the job takes her back to the place where she was called a criminal for the first time in her life. Entirely different in the story than In Ashes Born and To Fire Called but the main character is once again fighting the inner demons and looks like it is winning too. Emily Woo Zeller is not a new name in narration thus no objection can be raised in the standard of narration at any spot.

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