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This wonderful tale is reported by Robert R. McCammon and narrated by Isabelle Gordon. This is taken from the 2nd volume of the “Bad Guys Series”. These Commander in Chief and Mr. President are the best portrayals of Isabelle Gordon.

A psychopathic female criminal incites a mother’s retaliation in this unnerving thrill ride by the New York Times top-rated writer of ‘Gone South and Boy’s Life’. Harking back to the mid of nineteenth century, Mary Terrell shot and killed a man. Being an individual from the obsessive Storm Front Brigade a splinter gathering of the famous Weathermen, Terrell has remained one stride in front of the FBI for quite a long time. Living with various characters and humble positions, Terrell’s just constants in life have been LSD, crazy fancies of parenthood, and lethal fury.

Mary is still out there. Currently, incited by a message she perused in Rolling Stone, she has persuaded that the enduring head of her old band of extremists needs to fabricate an existence with her. So one evening, Mary slipped into the maternity ward of an Atlanta emergency clinic.

Laura Clayborne has a fruitful vocation and is currently an infant. She was delicate to torment and treachery. However, the capturing of her baby child has drawn out white-hot anger. She would not sit and stand by while the FBI examines. She was pursuing Mary herself head-first and steady on a contorting and vicious cross country pursuit to get her kid back.

This masterfully built novel of anticipation and ghastliness from the writer of ‘Swan Song, Speaks the Nightbird’ and other acclaimed works is hotly exciting a page-whipping famous Storyteller who worked hard. Her Southern Accents were right on target and it’s so ideal to hear somebody who can do a decent southern emphasis while recounting a story or acting. It had an extremely redundant outlook mostly in and up through the end.

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