Mischief in Mudbug

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Jana DeLeon is a genius, especially when the literary writing is within her comfort zone of crime mystery thrillers. Mischief in Mudbug is a fine novel written by the author. You will find some really amazing romance and then it has some extent of highly grasping suspense as well.

This makes a lethal combination and this is something that the audience will definitely enjoy. The narration of this 8 hours long audio book is given by Johanna Parker, where she impressed everyone with her strong and expressive voice, which the character of the novel demand.

Mischief in Mudbug is the second chapter of Ghost-in-Law novel series.

The story is about Sabine LaVeche, who is in dire need of quickly locating a blood relative. Her life is totally dependent on this find. Helena henry soon shows up into the scene for the sake of helping her with her life. Sabine was ascertain that she herself is in deep trouble. At the time when Beau Villeneuve, the private investigator takes on the case of Sabine, then things started to heat up in a number of ways.

Jana DeLeon got declared as the best-selling author in New York Times and also in US Today, with this second chapter in the Ghost-in-Law mystery/ romance novel series.

Jana DeLeon style of writing is very interesting and you really cannot judge her abilities, literally skills, and her creativity through one novel only. It is highly recommended for the literary book lovers to go through her other novels as well, especially Reel of Fortune and Cajun Fried Felony, which have helped Lana DeLeon earn notable repute as a fine literary art writer.




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