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Misery By Stephen King

Misery is an award-winning story that has been written while focusing on the famous Romance writer named Paul Sheldon, Stephen King has plotted the story using the fantasy, horror, depression and all the feelings that one could want to experience while reading through this story. This is a wonderful fantasy written perfectly describing how the readers are indulged with the romantic stories written by Paul and how one of the fans starts to overtake the power to write the romantic story in a way she likes it to end.

It covers the event when Paul got caught in a fatal incident when a crazy fan was chasing him, she took him to the doctor and then to his home where she came to know that the next books written as a sequel to the novel she loved would end up with the death of the character Misery Chastain. She gets disturbed and asks Paul to end it up as she likes and she didn’t want Misery to be dead at the end.

Misery By Stephen King

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As the story develops Paul has to write the story according to her because she is terrifying if he would not do it, he will be facing the consequences in the form of his death.

This is surely a great fantasy depicting how seriously the fan takes the characters and the aggressive reaction towards the author regardless of the fact that the fan is threatening the author for his life for saving the character in the story. It’s beautifully written, transformed and narrated to give the best experience for the listeners. Feels much closer to the one followed in Carrie and the Geralds game.


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