Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Ransom Riggs’ writings will live in your minds forever, they are engaging, absorbing, and captivating. The author’s first part about the peculiar children just takes us on a trip to that magical land that is horrifyingly amazing. Jacob used to listen to the wonderful life that his grandfather had during the World War. His grandfather used to tell him how he was raised in a mysterious orphanage before he became part of the war.

Stories about the peculiar children in the boarding house never made sense for Jacob but he used to enjoy the tone of his grandfather. Then his grandfather all of a sudden started to tell Jacob and his father that monsters were coming to get him.

They thought that the old man had become mad but then he was found wounded and died a few moments later. The search for the truth took Jacob to the home of the peculiar children that was just a ruin now. As he investigated more he was shocked to hear about Miss Peregrine who devised a time portal in which the peculiar children were still alive. Together with the help of the peculiar children, Jacob confronted the demon quite bravely but he failed to bring Miss Peregrine to her original form. A Map of Days and the Library of Souls will further solve the issue of Miss Peregrine.

The issue is serious because if the caretaker doesn’t come in her original form the time loop would never be broken. Jesse Bernstein’s narration goes spookier at places when it was not necessary but such issues are of minor sense when the story overall is going that well.




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    An Enchantment of Ravens

    Library of Souls


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