Missing You

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Missing You is more of a mystery thriller than a romantic novel, as it seems from its title. However, the writer, Harlan Coben tried his best to give it a great touch with relationships, bad guys and good guys, which would definitely appeal the audience. Police procedural sits at the core of this novel and the investigative officer involved in the story. The narration, which is brilliantly done for this book are given by January LaVoy.

Missing You is a very artistically conceived novel by the author and it lives up to the reputation for which Harlan Coben is known for. This is also something that made him the best-selling author in New York Times. He earned great fame and record breaking sales for his Six years novel and it looks like, he is poised again to repeat the history.

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It is ideally narrated and the story nicely builds up and will make you feel connected with all the characters of this novel. The story encapsulates two mysteries and it very nicely sums up at the end with the lightening pace of the novel that comes to a very slow and steady descent.

His unique selling point is his standalone novels, where every story is independent and not part of any long novel series. Therefore, his fans and followers enjoys his books a lot more than any other series, as the get to the conclusion of the story and the characters right at the end of every novel.

Don’t Let Go and Run Away are other recommended mystery thriller novels by Harlan Coben, which definitely deserves a chance to be read by all book fanatics, especially if they like rime mystery, suspense and thrilling novels.





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