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Moana is a magnificent, enthusiastic, explorer who is going to be on her way to fulfill the adventurous quest of her ancestors.  She passionate to go through each and every impossible happening, hindrances ad all the hurdles that come on her way to reach her goal. Moana story has its origin from the Disney press and is delightfully narrated by Rena Owen who knows how to give life to the characters in the story and how to bring the happenings and events to life so that the listeners would be enjoying the story like they are the real part of it.

In her journey she will be going through the hidden parts of Oceana, she will explore the life under water and will see all the hidden creatures that would be a delightful experience for her life. While on her quest she will also meet her hero named Maui who will be her on the journey and will be part of the adventure.

The listeners will enjoy the diversity of situations through which these adventurers will be going and will feel delighted with the fun adventure characters, events and the scenarios created to empower the imagination of the listeners.

The story has been written with great details so that you can feel like seeing the world under the water, experience the creatures and environment like never before.

All the breathtaking voyage experiences, the life beyond the real life make the story special for the kids aged 8 to 12 and may help them imagine, gain interest in exploring and grow their ideas as they listen to the interesting events and know more about creatures they haven’t seen in their whole life. This could be a perfect story for your kids to enjoy in their spare time as an inspirational and fun source as well. Kids may enjoy more while listening to more such stories from the author like Frozen, Children’s Favorites, Vol. 1 and Zootopia.


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