Monkey Business

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The Monkey Business is a rather difficult and more likely to be a mysterious adventure of the Hank the cowdog because of the fact we have learned about his hunt of fox, mystery of the boy and many things like that but this one is a bit different as the trucks that are now dwelling the ranch has some mysterious boxes on them written many things as well as a statement for the monkey caution.

Now that John R. Erickson has written many such adventures in which Hank has to take all the responsibilities by himself this one also shows how Hank thinks that he should be going to investigate the real intentions behind the trucks that just landed in the ranch and might have something mysterious to offer that no one knows.

He may find some few new things but the real deal is the monkey to confront and how he is going to pose that how he will be dealing with the monkey issue is important.

Kids will find it interesting and hilarious at the same time and as the story develops new things will come in front.

This is the book 14 from the series Hank the Cowdog and surely is an interesting description of the hank adventures that kids would never want to miss out. Smooth story plot with excellent narration by John himself this story is a perfect free-time activity for kids and adventure lovers who will be indulged in the story as it continues. Kids may also enjoy listening to the The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog and  It’s a Dog’s Life if they want to have more stories like this one.




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