Monster 1983

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Horror and mystery mingles well in this novel by Ivar Leon Menger which basically is a science fiction of first rank no doubt. The elements of horror are not described as the pure creation of writer’s imagination rather they are presented with proper description or facts. Like the other novels that include Poison or Protect: Delightfully Deadly, Novella 1 – Gail Carriger, and books like Shadow of Night – Deborah Harkness, this short original drams offer great thrilling events and amazing characters to create an interesting scenario for the listeners.

The story starts with the description of a man named Cody who is a law enforcer that’s why he is mostly named as Sheriff Cody. Cody wants a peaceful life for him and his family of two children that’s why he shifts from his native town to a rather peaceful place in Beaver state, but as it happens our problems follow us wherever we go and there is only one solution to get rid of them is to solve them one after the other until it all ends otherwise they pile up in our head and make of fuss of our life.

Cody this time is forced to deal with the supernatural elements that haunt the town and causing deaths in a mysterious way and in return him and his family is left undisturbed. The story twists and turns in one way and the other and takes us to the psychiatric wards even. The writing and the pattern of the events are so nicely woven that we quickly want to reach the end without leaving even a fragment of the tale.

The horror scenes are the best and they are not childish in description as one thinks in the start, as these scenes contain brutal killings and devastated dead bodies on the crime scenes. The selection of the words is also awesome and appropriate.     



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