Morning Star

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The war is finally upon the whole kingdom as people all over are selecting sides which they want to support. Darrow just wanted to live in a peaceful way with the Gold caste but the Gold caste seeing him as a threat hanged his wife and enslaved or encaged most of his fellows. Thus the things become corrosive as the fight comes to the streets this time. Darrow too after losing the precious men is ready for a fight that can shake the throne of the surface world.

There is no mercy shown from either side as the greatest of warriors come out for a clash. The stage for revolution is set and in order to increase the number of men Darrow takes the help of those who are enslaved. Another thing that Darrow had to inculcate in the mind of the Red caste is that they don’t have to serve those who never thought of them as a living being. The time of oppression will end if they combine forces at the same time.

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This chapter brings the fruit of Darrow’s work that he has been performing in the last two chapters, Red Rising and  Golden Son. The Gold caste, on the other hand, has a plan as well. For the first time we see conspiracy among the ranks of the Red caste as well.

Pierce Brown in the voice of Tim Gerard Reynolds keeps on impressing the audience with the wonderful proceedings of the series the always keep us on the edge of excitement. This part brings us to the fighting zone but still, the ending is not there which means that there are more parts in stock.


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