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Fourth book by Terry Pratchett introduces some dark characters and also some dark realities of the Discworld. Things are getting serious at every step now; the listeners will not find stupid magicians here that saved the day in The Colour of Magic.Mort is a new kind of a character, the one who is working for Death.

Job seemed simple for the teenager at first because all he has to do is collect the souls for his mentor. During his missions he collected whatever he was ordered but that was until he met the mesmerizing beauty known as Princess Keli. Her fate is already written i.e she would be killed by the assassins that are waiting for her.


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All Mort was asked to do was to get her soul and that’s all. But the beauty charm of the princess made him violate the law and instead of the princess the assassins got killed. Teenage boy does not understand that for the sake of love has gone against the power known as fate. His luck supports him at this point because the Discworld does not notice this alteration at all.

Everyone thinks that the princess is now dead, even Death is busy in relishing the pleasures of drinking. This is the second time we hear about a girl in the story, first it was in Equal Rites.  Here too the girl is the one because of whom the whole written fate is altered. Another change in narration, Nigel Planer gets appointed for this fourth part and it is a good detailed work by him from the first chapter to the last. Member Benefit

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