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Mortal Engines is a brand new fictional novel series for young audience. The first chapter of the series is introduced with the name of Mortal Engines itself. The man behind the creation of this wonderful novel and the series is Philip Reeve. The author has got splendid talent in writing and has proved his worth in multiple other novels as well. For that purpose, you must check his top selling novels that includes A Darkling Plain and Infernal Devices.

The narration of the Mortal Engines chapter is done by Barnaby Edwards. After listening to his performance, it can be very safely said that the narrator had full command over his expression and tonal quality.

With the start of this novel, you will be welcomed into an astounding and weird world of the Predator Cities. The Traction City is found going after a terrified little town that goes everywhere all across the wastelands. Very soon. London will come under the radar and will feed.

Tome Natsworthy in the attack is flung from the hurtling city with a fatal scar-faced girl. They are bound to run in order to save their lives, which are at stake in the wreckage. They had to face an extremely horrible new weapon, which is terrifying and threatening the existence and future of the world.

The Mortal Engines is a 4 chapter series and there could never be a better opening than this novel. All the characters are so well projected and the story build up quite smoothly as well. The performance in the audiobook by Edwards stole the show as he was absolutely brilliant in shifting his voice between different characters.








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