Mortal-Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

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Only a little population remains that didn’t get the virus, for humanity the chances of survival are very bleak. Approximately a fortnight ago everything was normal and now on the face of the earth United States has become a zombie state.

Omega virus has turned the civilization into undead monsters and those who could develop a cure are not present anymore. Cade’s troop suffered heavy blows in A Pound of Flesh and Allegiance but they finally achieved what they aimed for i.e the brain behind the antiserum. Antiserum was successfully tested in the past by the renowned scientist and then the attack took the whole team by surprise.

On return Cade and his team go missing all of a sudden and no trace is to be found. Situation becomes serious as human’s only hope goes into the enemy hands. Major Freda Nash gets the news; she was already present close to the place where the helicopter was assumed to be shot. For her there is no other way but to go into the danger zone in order to rescue the members of the elite squad that were trying to bring cure to the land. Cade’s family was also waiting for him on the base and his daughter Raven was eager to meet her dad.

When the soldier came with the news of the crash the mother and daughter lost their minds all of a sudden. Shawn Chesser has shown everyone in tense situation this time.

No one knows what has happened to Cade and more than him the people who are alive are worried about the cure. Logan Winters and his teammates have gathered in the Eden base and they are waiting for news with positivity in it. Chris Patton has focused more on secondary characters in narration, Cade did not have a big role in this part but his significance never leaves the show.




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