Mountain of Black Glass

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Mountain of Black Glass is the third chapter of the Otherland novel series. The book is written by Tad Williams. He is an outstanding writer from America who has given some mind-blowing novels in the science fiction and fantasy genre, apart from some amazing work done in fiction as well. He has written some really exciting and outstanding series where Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn is the best one from the author. There are some other amazing series from the author as well but it is worth checking the best chapters that he has written in different series. The Dragonbone Chair is the first chapter of his magnificent Memory, Sorrow & Thorn novel series. This particular chapter from the series is a science fiction and fantasy one which you will surely enjoy. Another good chapter from the same recommended series is The Stone of Farewell.

The audio narration of this book is done by George Newbern. He is the one who has narrated quite a few books written by Tad Williams and particularly from the same Otherland novel series. His performance remained consistent throughout and you will love the experience of his performance in this novel as well.

Mountain of Black Glass promises to bring in a new experience for lovers of science fiction and fantasy. It is a novel that combines the best elements of science fiction, techno-thriller, and fantasy into one. The story comes with traces of virtual reality which can prove the key to a completely new world of possibilities for the entire human race. You will be mesmerized to experience a technological conduit to morality.

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