Moving Pictures

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Terry Pratchett writes a fast paced book, all of the stories of the Discworld are usually quick paced but this one is little extra in speed. Magic of the silver screen that was once supposed to be a myth of the old days has now come true. The alchemists have revealed the secret but that was not the only secret that needed a detailed look. Holy Wood hill also bury a long forgotten secret which is yet to be revealed, the alchemists are not interested in this one so the job is on to the shoulders of the Film stars.

Strange kind of war takes place which has never been witnessed in literature before. Actors are there and they are performing their scenes just like the events of the real life. Action, massive destruction and also the deaths are real but it is happening on the cinema screen not on the battleground. Terry’s patterns in the novels are catchy and impressive he always gets the oddest views about different things from everyday life. Example of Pyramids can be taken where the pharaohs were linked to several godly things which in reality have no existence.

In Sourcery Nigel Planer just like this one narrates strange wishes of the teenage boy who does not know what he is wishing for. Magic of the Silver Screen is not scary though there are fights in it, but it’s fun for the children to think that everything is happening on the big screen. Reality is ignored by the author and this is not the first time he has done this in the series. The series has been dependent on fiction and fantasy in most of its parts.

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    1. On track 7 at about 33:42 there’s a loud burst of static out of nowhere that practically blew out my eardrums and stopped my heart. It would be really nice if you could edit that bit out (it’s less than a second) to save everybody else from going through that. Thanks!


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