Mr. Nobody

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The story is ironic as one of the main characters in the story is trying to remember those things which have been erased out of his mind. The other character is trying to forget those cruel memories which just don’t leave her mind. In this new novel by Catherine Steadman the author of fictional books like Something in the Water and The Disappearing Act, she just paints wonders.

The story opens when a man is found on the beach unconscious. When he comes to his senses in the hospital he knows nothing about himself and how he dropped into the sea. Many people try to make him remember through different techniques but none of those techniques work on him. Also in the village, no one recognizes him who could lead the doctors to his house or relatives.

The case becomes a mystery for everyone and here the press brands the man as Mr. Nobody. People and experts from all over the world show their interest in the case but the problem is that no one comes up with a solution. At this point, the other character is called to the scene i.e Dr. Emma who has been in search of a big case in her field. This case appears to be a blessing for her because it can give her instant fame the world over.

She prepares herself for the journey and then the name of the town horrifies her. She left that town years ago because she never wanted to keep its memories and now she was going back. When she reaches the hospital she recognizes the person at the first glance and then fails to decide whether she should prefer her career or personal life. Mr. Nobody happens to be the only one in the whole world who knows everything about Emma and bringing him back to his full senses means to bring her past to light. It is a beautiful story narrated by Catherine Steadman herself till the end.

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