Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook

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Ankh-Morpork’s railway has launched a guidebook this time that is prepared by Mrs Georgina Bradshaw and it has all the information that the travelers need.

In order to reach the destination all the travelers have to do is to open the book and look for the place they want to go. Because of the usefulness of the guide it is considered as a must and thus is found in passengers’ bags or on their armchair. Constant reading also provides the travelers information about the places they have not visited yet.

Now about the purpose of the author Terry Pratchett behind writing this type of book in the series that is mostly full of action, comedy and magic. The author actually has created this book to introduce more of the fantasy land which is yet not known to the listeners. Each page of the guide book is not only informative for the passengers but it is also informative for the audience too.

We are introduced to the swamp dragons that are being transported through the railway carriage and also we get a glimpse of Great Slack. Different resorts present in the kingdom were never discussed in Going Postal or I Shall Wear Midnight. People of different thoughts and profession traveling together too are nowhere seen before in the series.

Because of the variety the novel has Penelope Keith and Michael Fenton Steven as narrators the two narrate different people so that they can remain distinguishable during the chat. In the end the listener can conclude that the guide book was actually for him so that he can be ready for the things that are about to be revealed in the series.



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