Mud Vein

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It is a detailed novel and a better performance in all respect by Tarryn Fisher who has not been putting a lot of effort before on the details. The fans were quite disturbed on the lack of details about the secondary character in Bad Mommy and then The Wives takes twist all of a sudden. The plot is always strong but the twists in a short time do not let you build an association with those moments in your mind.

This one has no such weaknesses, firstly the situation is built in such a way that the extra characters are never there and so the author fully focuses on Senna Richards. Senna gets the shocker of her life when she awakes on the eve of her thirty third birthday in a prison like house.

There is electric fence all around and the roads outside a covered with snow which means that no one usually comes this way. There are clues that she has to solve and for this she has all the time in the world.

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One thing is clear that everything is connected to her past life and she has to ponder on it harder than ever checking and judging each thing carefully. Someone is surely playing a game with her but it’s a sick game that might cost her everything.

As time passes Senna gets interested in the game and she thinks that she can get to the one who has abducted her and wants some sort of revenge from her is such a sinister way.

A real expert narrator was needed for the master piece that could depict the condition of the girl whose mood changes after every moment. Simone Lewis the right one for the job with a slow pitched but an emotional kind of a voice. Member Benefit

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    Bad Mommy


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