Murder on the Orient Elite

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Grimnoir Chronicles brings something new all the time and there is the fascination of the type which is entertaining for every age group. The young and the old equally like this series because it is not pointing toward a single age group. Another awesome thing about the story is the ray of hope which is always there for everyone. Grimnoir Society was always there for the human world when it was needed the most.

Though on several occasions, the people of the earth thought that the Grimnoir was working against the interests of the earth but the knights continued to go on with their job and that’s why they succeeded in defeating the Power too eventually. Now four years have passed since the day when the humans defeated the Power and there are other issues that need the attention of Sullivan and his men.

Larry Correia always brings new problems for the heroes in the latest episodes and they have to fight their way out of that mess all the time. Dr. Wells calls Sullivan to his office for an uphill task. Almost the entire world is under attack and the enemies like always are with magical powers. Servants of War and Hard Magic tested the limits of the knights and this one takes Sullivan beyond his limits.

Only a true hero can pull out such a mission which includes a lot of bloodsheds. Have no doubt in mind about this story because it has the same voice of Bronson Pinchot which you have been listening to since day one when this series was launched. Stakes her high but the hopes are not shattered at all for those who have been participating in epic stuff for a long time.

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