My Name is Markham

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A little change in the series with the short story style and this is the third time the author is inducing this type of episode in the series. The previous two were also major hits and changed the course or the pattern of the epic adventure tale to some extent. Jodi Taylor in this way keeps the listeners alert all the time and the audience can never guess what next would be coming from the great writer.

There is a change in narration Piers Wehner takes guard and has not very bad, overall a good effort but a little heart breaking for those who were associated with the previous narrator to a great deal. Markham is the one we heard so much about in And the Rest Is History and The Great St. Mary’s Day Out and now he finally speaks out about what he truly is. It is another Christmas and with it is the annual party for the children of St. Mary’s. Everyone is having a great time and no one is allowed to practice any time jump on this occasion.

The disaster team however finds something to mess it all up once again. Max and his team has not only been the savior but they are also the one who have been making the whole mess in the first place. This has been their routine pattern first they spread everything around and after that cleans the whole place up in a flash.

Maxwell is dispatched along with her team to the Anglo-Saxon period which means it is the era when England originally came into being. It was just Alfred and the cakes issue that needed some attention and then it spread a little bit further.

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    And the Rest Is History

    Christmas Past


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