Mystery of the Phantom Heist

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Hardy boys continue to deal with the issues of Bayport in their spectacular way. They have been clean in their work and provide a guarantee to their clients that they will get the job done. Commitment to the adventures has taken them quite close to harm’s way on most occasions but they just love it this way. Lindsay Peyton’s Sweet Sixteen Bash provides Frank and Joe with another case. It all started when someone keyed Lindsay’s car as a threat and this has not been the first case in the town.

Frank and Joe have been trying to track down the Sacredevils group for quite a while now. This group usually performs such pranks to scare the girls of the town and its current target happens to be Lindsay. If something happens to her at this point her whole party would be ruined and she would get a horrible experience from the day she wants to celebrate. Hardy boys thus have very little time for the solution of this case because they have to catch the criminal before the party starts.

Franklin W. Dixon follows the pattern of Secret of the Red Arrow just adding more seriousness in the scenes. It means that The Vanishing Game will have a more professional outlook for the Hardy boys who are getting more and more involved in their profession now. As for Tim Gregory’s narration, it is in the same old fashion, only the passion is much more than usually expected of him. The narrator is giving full energy to this new series and the thing is working for it very well in all aspects.

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    Secret of the Red Arrow

    The Vanishing Game


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