Myth Protector

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Myth protector series starts with this first novel by Jamie Hawke who knits the fantasy quite well for the start of an epic tale with an epic conclusion no doubt.  A mortal in the land that combines all fairy tales together is what we see at first. The fairy tale creatures are presented to be the good forces that is stopping the evil in order to save mankind but these creatures like the red riding hood also need a protector from the outside world who could help them in their fight against the creatures of the dark.

Finally they select a mortal top do the job and the mortal this time in the story is not a heroic figure who live a life full of honor, of course he can use the magical blade for the protection of the fairy tale creatures but at the same time this man wants element of sex as well from the ladies in the fairy tale and almost all the time these women show a lot of interest in him as well so he finds in his life what he always desired for, he could fight against Baba Yaga and big bad wolf all his life for such kind of a reward.

Supers – Ex Heroes 2 – Jamie Hawke, Lost Pirates – Jamie Hawke are two more books by the same author with description of lands that are imaginative and where everything happens a bit differently. The heroes though are a bit naughty in nature and are not those noble figures of the must that fight for honor, the heroes fight but they also like some physical pleasures as a reward too for their services. Teddy Hamilton’s narration is a good one for the tale as the tone of the narrator is something that was duly needed for such a work.



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