Myths and Mortals

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Myths and Mortals: Numina, Book 2

Myths and Mortals is a fantastic new chapter from the Numina Series. It is written by Charlie N. Holmberg. The author is known for her beautiful imagination in fiction fantasies, which make him popular in younger generation. A couple of other great novels of the author are The Paper Magician and Followed by Frost.

Myths and Mortals is the 2nd chapter of the Numina Series and after the success of the first novel, audience had high hope from this installment and the author for sure didn’t disappointed his followers. This is a science fiction fantasy for the teens. The narration of this novel is done effortlessly by the duo of Scott Merriman and Lauren Ezzo.

Sandis has managed to come out of the captivity of Kazen, but she after her release finds herself totally unmoored and reeling from Rone, her thief ally’s betrayal.

Kazen might have been hurt, but he is determined and didn’t stopped. He is looking to do anything or to go to any extent in order to summon the monster, which can lay waste to the world. Sandis is of the opinion that she should be the one who should stop him. But, she is in desperate need of friends, especially after she had no one, whom she could trust.

Rone apparently looked to be her ally and ready to help her, but Sandis is definitely not looking to him and get any close to her once again. One thing that she is not knowing is that how much Rone has already given up in order to protect her and help her in her cause. She didn’t have any idea that how much more he is willing to let go to save her.

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