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Fulfilling the tasks of the queen and keeping her secrets all the time Lady Georgiana raises her status higher in the eyes of the queen. Whenever the queen needs a secret job done it is to Georgiana she goes. The book also has a strange thing; Rhys Bowen has still not explained anything about the fate of Georgiana. We don’t know whether she would continue her life in the same way or would she be given a chance at the crown in the later period of her life. She too shows no inclination towards the throne and nor she shows any readiness to gear up for a higher status.

Perhaps she is contented with her life or is hopeless about it because of which she does not talk of it anymore. Though the mission this time is small and does not seem to have any importance at all but it is something quite serious for the Queen. She wants to words out about her lost Snuff box either. Mission proves to be a lucky charm for her because she gets a chance in modeling but her poor fate once again stands in the way.

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She loses the necklace that belonged to the Queen and with the same incident a murder is linked. Like always things that we saw in A Royal Pain and Royal Flush stop the progress of the lady who was finally getting something that she desired.

Though the thriller is on the lighter side and no corrosive action can be observed but still the narration by Katherine Kellgren does not appear to be comic at all. The narrator does her job with full devotion and even the simple missions are handled with extreme care.


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