Necessary Lies

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The women-centric characters, their hardships, and miseries are well crafted by the magnificent woman lady writer, Diane Chamberlain. Thrill and suspense go hand in hand in her novels and the listener have no idea, how sharp the story would turn just in a matter of seconds. Same as what you will witness in her novel, Necessary Lies. The narration of the book is given by Alison Elliot with her soulful voice that absolutely gels up well with the characters she plays.

The story is about a small town some 50 odd years ago. Ivy Hart, the 15-year-old girl is alone left to look after her grandmother, just when he lost her parents. Her responsibilities also included taking care of her mentally disabled elder sister and her nephew living as a tenant over a very small tobacco farm.

She was already struggling with the aging of her grandmother and also with the mental illness of her sister, so she knew very well that they need a lot more care and attention then she could ever give.

Jane Forrester comes to the scene as the newest social worker in the Grace County. In no time, she became friend with Ivy, which caused a lot of tension with her new husband and also with her boss. But, Jane was quite reluctant to overlook the problems of Ivy and soon she started to discover some really astonishing secrets about the small tobacco farm.

Diane Chamberlain is the best-selling author for a reason. It is mainly due to her extreme creativity with characters and creating magical scenes with a lot of drama, suspense and thrill. You must check out some of her other books, such as, The Silent Sister and The Dream Daughter to know more about her magical creativity backed with powerful narrations.








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