Neferet’s Curse

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We have heard about the heroes in the “House of Night Novella” section but most of us surely wanted to know more about the birth of evil. Professor Bryan the one with the clever and cunning thoughts was given a detailed description in Dragon’s Oath. After that P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast told us about the voyage of the beautiful Lenobia in Lenobia’s Vow.

Current novella is about Neferet, the evil mind behind all the threat that the House of Night ever faced since its creation. Neferet wants to gain control that much all of the fans know but why she wants all of this, no one has an answer. Just like Lenobia the dark priestess of the Tulsa House was a beautiful girl of her era. But she was not lucky enough to save her beauty from an abuse; those feelings of disgust filled her heart with extreme darkness for the entire human world.

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The time she got marked her heart had become pure evil and she needed a way to unleash darkness on the world that has taken much from her. Thus the rise of the seductress started and she just needs more and more power for vengeance, an emotion that would never make peace with the world.

Through her voice Caitlin Davies portrays the feelings of Neferet who first develops a feeling of hate in her for mankind and then she enjoys the destruction. The authors are providing base for these primary characters so that understanding them becomes easy for children all around the globe. There still remains Kalona to be discussed and we will see his character in the future parts soon.


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