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Nemesis Game is a science fiction novel written masterfully by James S. A. Corey. The book is part 5 of the popular The Expanse series. A famous television series is also based on this saga, which shows that how magnificent the series is and what impact it had on audience. Jefferson Mays has done the narration of this novel and that was definitely a job well done.

The Expanse also stood as the best-selling novel series in New York Times for a good period of time.

The novel starts with the story of thousand new alien worlds, which have now opened. This also marks the time when the most significant land rush in the history of mankind has begun. Just as the groups after groups of the residents leave, the entire power mechanism of the old solar system started to buckle.

Many of the ships started to vanish without any trace. A good number of private armies started to form secretly. The last of the protomolecule sample has got stolen. Terrorist attacks before all this situation were considered virtually impossible, but now, they manage to bring all those inner planets to their knees. The many sins from the older times are now returning back to take out a terrible price. Just as the new mankind order is big time struggling to be born in the hell of fire and blood, James Holden and the Rocinante crew must work hard to survive.

Caliban’s War is a fantastic other novel written by James S. A. Corey, which did well on all platforms of literary writing. Abaddon’s Gate is another novel that you could think about listening to and you will get the best entertainment of your life.




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