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The New Earth Colony left the earth with a hope that perhaps it would one day return to the mother earth or at least more colonies like that would come and join them in the outer space. Sadly none of this happened at all because the earth became the residence of specie that destroyed every other living being with in no time. No one knows that whether it was a kind of virus or any living form of an alien that human never expected but it resulted in complete catastrophe.

The only message that the people in the colony received was that they should not come back to the earth even for an inspection. The colony is the only place where human exist now and they are the only few who are left. Now this warning and scenario has become a thing of the past as seven years have now passed. But the colony never expected that the specie would come for it after taking over the earth. For this the colony too was perhaps never prepared and it was never loaded with equipment for raw combat.

Luckily they had Connor who knows about evil more than anyone and knows all the tricks in the book in order to fight against the enemy. Ken Lozito paints this book better than Genesis  or perhaps it was introductory that’s why we never had a glimpse of war and fights between the human race and the aliens on a massive scale.

Scott Aiello’s narration goes smooth and there is no difference in it in any scenes or for any character. It’s plain, simple and to the point job with no needless attempts to create a sensation of his own.

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    Legacy First Colony, Book 3


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