Never Have I Ever

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Tension can be seen on the rise as we move further into this novel that has a gentle start with tales of romance all woven around everywhere. Amy is with a picture perfect life at the start of the story as she has a loving husband, a step daughter who is a teenager and an infant boy.

She has everything one can need; even her friend Charlotte is one of a kind person who proves helpful for her in all distressed situations. Both Amy and Charlotte run a book club in the town as well and because of this both of these women have a lot of connections with other women of the town.

Everything was going fine for everyone till the day when a mysterious lady arrived on the scene changing the course of their lives. Angelica Roux arrives from nowhere on a book-club night and mixes well all of a sudden that proves to be an alarming thing for Amy.

Roux chats in a nice way and because of her mesmerizing personality she quickly lures everyone into a game. For everyone it is just a merry sport but for Amy telling something related to her past life is a sheer threat to her present. She knows that Roux wants to end the happiness in her life but why that is something she starts looking for.

The novel is a great thriller by Joshilyn Jackson and the writer has narrated it as well keeping all the basic things intact makes the whole novel a beautiful piece of art. The domestic life of an ordinary house wife is described accurately by the writer and nothing is left incomplete in the family picture. The book even surpasses The Almost Sisters and The Opposite of Everyone in details along with the balance that can be found in the book throughout. Personal life is given a masterstroke by adding almost everyone a person can think of in his or her everyday life.



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