Never Never: Part One

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Tarryn Fisher has performed wonders before in the thrillers section, suspense was there in the writer’s works but not to the extent that it could have a significant impact. Now the forces are joined with Colleen Hoover for the creation of this unusual romance series. The two authors have kept different lines and produced books like Mud Vein and Regretting You. Now they start this joint venture that comes to us in the familiar voices of Kevin Free and Elizabeth Evans.

The language has certain words related to sex and all that so not recommendable for kids under the age of eighteen. Still the story cannot be termed as the one related to the issue of sex alone. It’s more about relationship and true love that the couple thought it had between them.

The two have been in love since their teenage and after their marriage the association and the love charm enhanced and then it all vanished. The two became strangers for one another within no time and now after years of relationship suddenly start thinking that they had nothing to co-exist after all.

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One wants to just leave everything and the second one is trying to think that what originally had happened in the first place. The suspense sensation is a spice from Fisher for sure and the rest of the love story is tailored by Colleen. Thus the two are in nice coordination showing their true colors in various forms in all the sections of the book. Personal errors and the realities about life are not new with the two authors who have used this tool in all their works. Member Benefit

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