Never Tell

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Another thriller by Lisa Gardner who is rightly called the queen of domestic suspense these days as she provides the most thrilling stories from ordinary domestic lives of people, things almost all the time apparently look opposite to what real has happened. The story is one of the cases of detective DD Warren and Flora Dane, the story is just an open and close murder case at the start when the police and the two detectives arrive at the scene they find a dead body with blood pools all around, Evie the culprit was with a gun with which she had shot her own father.

The first thing that is told is that the whole thing was a mere accident as no daughter could kill her own father especially when there is no certain issue between them. The one who died was an ordinary person living in an ordinary house than how such an extraordinary thing can happen between people of such a category.

The two detectives reveal the dark secrets one after the other that were hidden behind the four walls of that ordinary house and as the secrets are revealed we come to know that the whole thing was perhaps not a murder. Several other books of the writer share same kind of theme, books like   The Perfect Husband, The Other Daughter reveal same kind of secrets related to domestic life. Regina Reagan is the narrator who has provided a powerful tone to this tale which appears to be sentimental at the start but becomes corrosive towards the middle and revealing towards the end. The plot is well established and the characters are also fully developed and are not left unattended at any point by the writer.




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