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Legends of Drizzt have been a source of interest and pleasure for fantasy lovers since the very beginning and now the saga takes a twist. The new elements come into play and R. A. Salvatore has started experimenting with the creation that made the writer famous all over. Drizzt has been a fighter all his life and he has never back down from a challenge, even his rival know that he is not the one who change his course.

This time however the battle goes out of hand as he even loses the only trusted companion he was left with after all these years of fighting. He has lost everything and along with it all the responsibilities as well which means that he is free and can finally live his life according to his will. We get the clue from the start when he thinks about his life once again and starts acting like a changed person in front of the elf who is the only company he is left with. Dahila provides him a chance to look on the dark side with a changed perspective.

To his surprise he starts enjoying the darkness and starts adopting the new tricks of trade that he thought he would never use in his life. Boundless: A Drizzt Novel and Homeland can be read along with this part of the novel if you want to know more about Drizzt. His personality though changes a bit from time to time but the true vision remains the same i.e revenge from his enemies. Victor Bevine narrates the sad and joyous modes of the characters with extreme care and is no doubt successful throughout.




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