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New from Here is an audiobook for children. It is written by Kelly Yang. She is the number one bestselling author. She got that recognition for this New from Here novel. She also got great acknowledgment for her work in the Front Desk novel. You will have a great time with her Room to Dream novel as well.

The narration of New from Here is done by Justin Chien. This performance was spectacular and easily won the hearts of the audience.

Knox Wei-Evans was only 10 years old when Hong Kong got hit with coronavirus. That was the time when his mom made a quick decision to send him back to California along with his siblings. She thought that they will all be safe there. All of a sudden Knox was left with only a couple of days to prepare himself for making an international move and also had to leave behind his dad. He had to stay back due to his work commitments.

Knox after relocating struggled a lot in his new school. It was just because of being a new kid there. His classmates used to doubt him for bringing the virus, just because he was from Asia. Mom was panicking back home after losing her job and health insurance as well. Dad on the other side was not sure when he will be able to see his family again. It was because all the flights got canceled.

Knox with the ever-growing racism around during the pandemic decided to stand up to this hate. But, will it be possible for Knox to do it, especially when he was new and feared?

This book is a very honest tale of the pandemic and it is worth a listen. You will love to witness that how it relates to our real life. It genuinely deserves to get full five stars.

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