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The story is wonderfully portrayed by Chanel Cleeton and the voice of the two narrators Kyla Garcia and Frankie Maria Corzo has added more passion to the whole thing. It is a special gift to someone who belongs to those particular places as the writer has given a lot of detail and history of Havana and Miami which the writer and her grandmother discuss separately with their associations of different sorts. The novel has everything to offer like courage, the act of bravery, and some hidden secrets that are revealed in the later stage of the story. The story also moves back and forth in history the grandmother Elisa talks about the year 1958 when she was in Havana during the revolution period.

The granddaughter takes us back to 2017 in Miami where she writes the tales that she had once heard from her grandmother when she was a child. She also looks to fulfill her grandmother’s wish which was to give her ashes a place in the land where she was born. Marisol once again goes to Havana to fulfill the wish and she also observes the present condition of the land of which she has heard a lot about from her grandmother. She observes the present condition of the land its landscape and its political condition. She also uncovers the past which was perhaps hidden from her so that she herself can uncover it, she meets a man whom she feels a bit attached and this time her grandmother’s tales are the only source that could save her and provide her the much-needed courage and the will to survive in the new world she has entered. The similar story When We Left Cuba also could be the one that you may like to listen to if you have liked this one.


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