Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men

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Molly Harper is an extraordinary author, who is excellent in general romance and paranormal romance fiction. She is American and is also a member of the Romance Writers of America. She is known for plenty of her popular novels and is equally popular among young and adult audience. Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues and Fledgling are among her best and much loved novels.

Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men is a romantic fiction for which Molly Harper is best known for. The narration for this chapter is done by her most trusted narrator, Amanda Ronconi. As expected from Amanda from all her prior experience, she was outstanding in this novel as well with her beautiful and expressive voice. The book itself is part 2 of the Half-Moon Hollow, which had a grand opening with the prequel of the subject novel.

Jane Jameson, who was once a highly devoted librarian in a children library now works at a bookstore. She is now a vampire, who was once a normal girl. Instead of a bride, she now has a bridesmaid eternally. This all leads her to investigate that where exactly her relationship with sexy Gabriel would head.

Jane in this chapter is trying her best to master the process if undead dating, being a vampire. She is also seen donning the worst of the dress of a bridesmaid in the history ever, while at the Titanic-themed wedding of Zeb. Jane walked the aisle with her Zeb, her best friend and that spiked a lot of speculations. Jane has actually got the feeling that she is doing nothing but just rearranging the proverbial chairs on the deck.

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