Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs

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Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs is a super attempt by Molly Harper to produce another classic out of her pen. The book is actually the first chapter of an entirely new series under the title of Half-Moon Hollow. It is a romantic fantasy, which will really impress you with the awesome storyline and its super powerful characters. She is an absolute genius in producing the best romantic novels. Moreover, her science fiction fantasies for teens have also got a huge fan base. In order to get the best experience of the versatility of Molly Harper, do check out her novels named: Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues and Changeling.

For the narration part, Amanda Ronconi has done the job with her powerful voice. She was able to bring all her prior experience in narration in order to make the audio version of this book standout.

It was probably the gift certificate of Shenanigans, which Jane Jameson over the edge. She was a librarian in children library and was also a self-professed girl. She got fired by her not so good boss and was made to walk away with potato skins worth 25$. She wasn’t given her deserving severance check. She then goes on to a bender, which is sure to turn into a Half Mon Hollow legend. She got mistaken for a deer n her way home, got shot and was virtually left for the dead there. Many thanks to the weird stranger whom she met persisting with the cocktails of neon color. She then woke up a bit later having a weird and unladylike thirst and craving for blood.

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