Night Game

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Night Game is a marvelous novel by author, Christine Feehan. It is part 3 of A GhostWalker series. It is a romantic fantasy novel with lots of excellent twists and turns in the story. The narration of this classy novel is given by Tom Stechschulte in his emphatic and powerful voice.

Christine Feehan has the distinction among many other novelists to be the best-selling author in New York Times. She is excellent when it comes to mesmerize the book enthusiasts with some daring suspense, sizzling romance and top-notch paranormal intrigue.

The Night Game novel drops GhostWalker Gator into the muggy marshlands of the Louisiana bayau as he goes on track the Flame. Flame was actually the mesmeric redhead, who actually has the equivalent extraordinary telekinetic energies and psychic power. Violence along with sex very quickly becomes treacherously entwined.

Christine Feehan is a highly capable writer and she has got the ability to create believable characters with extraordinary powers and thrown all together in an action-packed and wild circumstances. The Night Game story with a touch of paranormal intrigue has some great romance to enjoy as well by the listeners.

Christine Feehan has captured a good range of audience in science fiction and romantic genre novels. Her other worth reading/ listening novels namely are, Dark Illusion and Leopard’s Wrath. Both are action packed novels with amazing characterization and depiction of situations, which are hard to imagine. You as a listener of this novel will be mesmerized and hooked with the plot of these novels and its characters right from the beginning to the ending chapter. This is the power of her writing and also her unique selling point.



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