Night of Sorrows

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Night of Sorrows is chapter 3 of the War God novel series. It is a science fiction fantasy novel. The book and the series are written by Graham Hancock, who is quite an unconventional writer. He has more interest in ancient times and this is exactly what is depicted in the majority of books that he has written so far. A couple of exciting books that Graham Hancock has written are Magicians of the Gods and America Before.

Barnaby Edwards is one gem of a narrator and he has always proved his worth whenever he gets an opportunity, Night of Sorrows is blessed to have his voice, which made this audiobook sound too good for the listeners.

Graham Hancock is a magnificent expert in ancient sciences and knows the art of connecting those old times with that of today. He has been an author of many successful novels that had millions of copies sold worldwide. This Night of Sorrows will make another fantastic read for the audience and it is highly recommended.

This Night of Sorrows is a mix of so many things in one. You will find this partially as a book with historical facts and then partially as a fantasy. The effect that it creates on the hearts and minds of the audience is phenomenal. The same is the case with the different events discussed in this chapter. It is for sure a fascinating read and listens to. The performance given by Barnaby Edwards is quite outstanding and something that connects with the audience effortlessly. It will just have you book your time for the next chapter in the series, which will be well before you finish with this one.

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