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Pack of Were-wolves are back to sew another mesmerizing little tale of love, adventure and the primary goal i.e the hunt. Bride McTierney like many other women of the modern era has been dumped by many men over the years and she too has dumped a long list of men. Thus her trust over the male members of the society is gone forever. She thinks that now she would not be able to make a relation with a man throughout her life, it is better to be alone according to Bride.

But that is her outward appearance from the inside she is still looking for the right man who can remain loyal to her forever. She even dreams about a knight coming to her with the love gleam in his eyes, her dreams come true but in an ironic way. The knight that lands in her lap is not a human rather he is Were-Hunter wolf who has a large number of enemies on his tail. He finds in Bride the perfect match for him and it is the only way he can survive but the problem is that Bride does not believe on his supernatural bullshit.

Vane Kattalakis also knows that he cannot provide her enough security after their mate because although he is strong, he is still not the dominant alpha male of the clan. Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote Night Pleasures and Acheron in the past but the author never presented such a fantastic love story before. Fred Berman’s narration works like a catalyst in this love story of a woman and Were-Hunter wolf that is short of time.

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