Night School

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Lee Child’s Jack Reacher just keeps on coming and just when you think that the last one you read or listened was the best of the lot another one of Jack’s new mission attract your attention and you start craving to listen to it as well. This is because of the newness each of these missions has, the listener never gets bored because there is never a repetition of events, the place are also always new and the problems that Jack faces are enormous no doubt but totally different from the previous one.

The night school takes Jack back to school where he finds two other who are skilled and experienced in their job. All these three men combine forces because they want to arrest an American who is willing to help the terrorists for the sake of money.

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Jack and his friends are given a mission that they cannot lose because losing the mission would mean another terrorist attack anywhere in the world and the hot prospect is of course the United States of America. The story moves at a rapid pace and there is no rest for Jack and his friends this time.

The novel shows a bit of resemblance with books like Killing Floor and The Midnight Line that also never give you a minute to relax until the mission is complete and the threat is over. Dick Hill’s narration has held up nicely with the series all the way, the listener also tend to develop an association with the narrator as his tone is appropriate for the grave situation that always stand in the way of Jack and his free tension free life.


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