Nightfall-Keeper of the Lost Cities

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Nightfall is the 6th chapter in the popular Keeper of the Lost Cities novel series. It was a popular and bestselling series of it time. It still has countless followers as the content including the story and characters is just so fabulous. This is marvelously written by Shannon messenger, who is known for producing quality content for the younger listeners. Lodestar and Keeper of the Lost Cities are her popular novels, which will give you a good idea about her literary writing skills.

The narration of Nightfall novel is done by Caitlin Kelly. She was outstanding with her narration approach and managed to make this chapter a memorable one for the listeners.

Sophie and a few of her friends are up against a new series of battles, which are unlike something they have ever experienced before. In this novel, you will find Sophie struggling, scrambling and grieving. But, she is fully sure about one thing that she will succeed and wouldn’t see the face of defeat in the end. The Neverseen have seen their part of victories, but the fight is far from being over. It is time for Sophie to change her tactics and to consider making some sacrifices. She just need to reexamine the entire nexus building up. This may as well be time for Sophie to trust some of her enemies as well.

All the possible paths under considerations leads nowhere, but to Nightfall, which is a threatening door to an ominous opening. Sophie along with her friends made a highly dangerous bargain in order to get there. But, there was absolutely nothing, which could have them prepared for what they went on to discover there.




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